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Campo San Francesco della Vigna, Venice

Upcoming: ARNE QUINZE & SWIZZ BEATZ present Are We The Aliens_, an immersive exhibition during the Venice Biennale 2024

Taking place at the historic 16th century Monastery Campo San Francesco della Vigna in Venice during the Venice biennale 2024, the immersive exhibition 'Are We The Aliens_' by Arne Quinze and award-winning music producer Swizz Beatz will be on view from April 19 - November 24, 2024.

Visitors will be immersed into an extraterrestrial scenery combining Swizz Beatz’ sonic soundscapes with Quinze's large-scale sculptures, inviting viewers to contemplate humanity's estrangement with nature. The show will debut Quinze’s first-ever large- scale sculptures in glass and ceramic made in collaboration with master craftsmen Berengo Studio and Atelier Vierkant.

Co-curated by Hervé Mikaeloff, independent art consultant and advisor of the Louis Vuitton Foundartion, and Reiner Opoku, art consultant and agent, and with support from the Ludwig Museum, Germany, this exhibition promises to transcend all conventional art boundaries. Supported by Skira Artbook Publishers, artistic director and writer Shai Baitel, Bang&Olufsen, and meteoritics’ researcher Jochen Leën, this show is an experience not to be missed during the Venice Biennale.

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