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Public metal installation — San Antonio, Texas, U.S.

Whispers — San Antonio

This monumental installation connects the River and Mission San Juan, serving as a portal between the two; named “Whispers” because the pieces “speak” to each other in their movement and colour.

Our vision is for the San Antonio River to continue to grow and prosper as a vibrant and active economic, cultural, ecological and recreational corridor that plays an integral role in the lives of individuals across the greater San Antonio area and in the communities through which it runs.

— Estela Avery, Executive Director, San Antonio River Foundation

The curiosity about how we live, communicate with each other, and our relationship with nature, has nurtured the research for my public installations and work.

— Arne Quinze

Wildflower Field paintings

Oil paint — Sky & Yellows

Sky & Yellows, oil paint on canvas with solid oak frame Many wildflowers have stripes, dots, and...

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Drawings, thoughts, sculptures and paintings

Arne Quinze news Vol. 1 / 2020

The Amazonia Edition

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Natural Chaos

Amazonia — Luxembourg

“I had the most baffling experiences during some hikes through the jungle. It is nature in its...

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