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Wildflower Fields painting

Yarrow Bouquet

Oil painting on linen canvas.

You can find Yarrow along roadsides, in fields, waste areas, and... in our gardens. It is native to Eurasia, and our bees and butterflies love it. Achillea (Millefolia) is in reference to Achilles, hero of the Trojan Wars in Greek mythology, who used the plant medicinally to stop bleeding and to heal the wounds of his soldiers.

Wildflower Fields painting

Lotus Corniculatus

Lotus Corniculatus or bird's-foot trefoil is a common yellow flowering plant, native to large...

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Wooden public construction


In 2010, the French department of Normandy, the birthplace of impressionism, organised a grand...

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Wildflower Fields

Phlox & California Poppy

Arne Quinze's study of his garden laboratory also resulted in two smaller paintings, called...

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