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Arne Quinze's first Dutch exhibition — Kunsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

My Secret Garden — Rotterdam

This summer, the Rotterdam Art Gallery presents ‘My Secret Garden’, Arne Quinze’s first exhibition in The Netherlands. ‘My Secret Garden’ is a large-scale indoor project in which visitors actively search for answers to questions on which parts of the private life, which he calls the secret garden, occupy centre stage. From his own intimate experiences, Arne Quinze tries to stimulate visitors into looking for their own inner selves. For this installation, he introduces specially created light and sound compositions, made together with the duo Danny Mommens and Els pynoo (Vive la Fête).

Arne Quinze's garden hosts a series of Chroma Lupines

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Wildflower Field Paintings

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The Fisherman’s Stilt House

Arte Sella Sculpture

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