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Antwerp Expo

Art Antwerp, Arne Quinze paintings at the Maruani Mercier booth

Maruani Mercier returned to Art Antwerp for its 2nd edition, bringing a lively selection of works including two paintings by Arne Quinze: 'Dark Roses' & 'Purpurea'

Dark Roses, a Wildflower Fields painting, 240 x 140 cm, oil paint on canvas

Purpurea, a Wildflower Fields painting, 240 x cm, oil paint on canvas

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Drawings, thoughts, sculptures and paintings

Arne Quinze news Vol. 1 / 2020

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Lupine Arc sculpture

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Mono No Aware — paper sketches

Sketches, paint on paper, for Arne Quinze's latest sculptures called 'Mono No Aware'. They...

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