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a Wildflower Fields painting — Atelier, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium


Observing and studying nature, where everything is connected in perfect balance and harmony, is what Arne Quinze inspires and expresses on his canvas. In every detail of Albizia, you can see the duality of nature flowing across the canvas. For Quinze, it is important to convey this duality: the force and fragility of nature.

Albizia, a Wildflower Fields painting, 200 x 400 cm, oil paint on canvas

My Secret Garden


Sculpture made for the exhibition 'My Secret Garden — Valencia', commissioned by Enrique Vidal...

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Last chance to see

Extended: My Secret Garden — Valencia

Exactly one year ago, Arne Quinze was almost 24/7 awake, sculpting and painting for this open-air...

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Outdoor wall art

My Secret Garden — Mosaic

Arne Quinze has been exploring the mosaic technique for a few years now. The organic feel of this...

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