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Arne Quinze - Brazil Emerald Lupine sculpture  - Matarazzo - São Paulo - 03

Cidade Matarazzo, São Paulo, Brazil

The Brazil Emerald Lupine sculpture

The Brazil Emerald Lupine is installed at Cidade Matarazzo in São Paulo. The Brazil Emerald Lupine, is the result of the artist’s research into the beauty of nature from the observation that we, as a society, have lost touch with nature and have ended up in a hyper artificial society. Through his work, the artist calls for the restoration of the balance between nature and society by drawing attention to the power and diversity found in nature, leading to a unique visual language.

The pronounced rough character of these sculptures, which Quinze obtained by sculpting with an excavator, reflects the immense power that nature displays throughout its evolutionary growth. In addition to this brute force, nature also always manages to show its beauty in a stunning visual way, that is shown by the artists almost paper-folded elaborated fragility of the sculptures.

The sculpture has a monochromatic appearance but assimilate with its environment. The green colour shows the immense power that Brazil emerald and the Amazon, the green lung of our planet displays. Due to the changing light of the sun, the green tones tend to vary. A spectral array of soft colours shifts, that is often observed in natural phenomenon, is addressed by the artists unique technique of layered etching and engraving.

For the creation of these artworks, the artist found an ally in the Lupine. A historical wild flower that grows luxuriantly in nature but extincts where monocropping begins. The abstraction of the lupine’s visual character by the artist leads to the propagation of a powerful message of diversity.

With Brazil Emerald Lupine, the artist wants to encourage us to question our current mineral society and give place to the wonderful added value that nature can bring to us.

The Brazil Emerald Lupine, Lupine Sculpture, Aluminium

The Brazil Emerald Lupine sculpture at Cidade Matarazzo in São Paulo

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