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Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Aurora for Art d'Egypte

For the third edition of the renowned exhibition ‘Forever is Now’ by Art d’Egypte, Arne Quinze was invited to install his circular lupine sculpture ‘Aurora’ in front of the ancient Egyptian pyramids of Giza in Cairo. 

Aurora represents a gateaway where the past meets the future in a continuous loop. It serves as a time portal providing an isolated view of one of the pyramids to highlight the interplay between the resilience and delicacy of the natural world. 

It encourages us to think more about a more harmonious coexistence with the natural world and begs us to restore the lost balance in our society. 

This sculptural vista of "Aurora" facing the pyramids of Giza draws our gaze to the profound majesty of nature's reign. It implores humanity to rediscover humility and reminds us of our place within the grandeur of the universe.

'Forever is Now' runs from 25 October until 17 November and features 14 international and local artists each  exploring the relationship between the past of ancient Egypt and the future with their sculptural artworks. 

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More info about the 'Forever is Now' exhibition here

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