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Gare Maritime, Brussels

Blossom sculpture

"The light shining through my hanging garden will make you dream away."

With Blossom, Arne Quinze wants to refer to an early memory of lying on his back in the garden as a child and observing nature moving above him. This hanging sculpture should completely immerse the viewer in nature's overwhelming beauty and diversity. In this way, Arne Quinze wants to show that as humans, we should stop controlling nature all the time and let nature take its course.

'Blossom' is on view at Gare Maritime for the Brussels Sculpture Festival Sculptura that runs until 12 March.

Blossom, a hanging garden sculpture by Arne Quinze, steel & ropes, 2023.

Arne Quinze, Guest Of Honour at BRAFA '22

Arne Quinze as Guest of Honour at BRAFA '22 19-26 June at Brussels Expo - Heysel

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