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Wildflower Fields painting — Atelier, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Lotus Corniculatus

Lotus Corniculatus or bird's-foot trefoil is a common yellow flowering plant, native to large parts of Europe and similar in appearance to some clovers (in Dutch, we call it 'rolklaver'). This perennial plant is important for some threatened species of butterflies and for bumblebees, and vice versa... This is yet another fine example of the entanglement of our fauna and flora that form a biotope as a whole, in which the balance depends on each of its components. The 'Lotus Corniculatus' canvas represents this delicate balance and its vibrant colours illustrate the wonderful diversity within nature.

Wildflower Fields

Sweet William

"I try not to paint a flower but the power of my garden." Arne Quinze continues his quest for the...

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Wildflower Field paintings

Oil paint — Sky & Yellows

Sky & Yellows, oil paint on canvas with solid oak frame Many wildflowers have stripes, dots, and...

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Public Art Installation


For the creation of Scarlet, Quinze was inspired by the Scarlet Oak. This bright red colored tree...

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