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The Perforated Blue Lupine

The installation of a large Lupine sculpture in a private garden — Private garden, Wilrijk, Belgium

Lupine Aberrans sculpture

Arne Quinze has created a new permanent sculpture in a private garden in Antwerp, Belgium. Arne Quinze experiments with various unique elegant forms and the connections between nature and the surrounding area. The Lupine Aberrans is an organic representation of the artist’s envision of the lupine flower and an ode to nature’s diversity. This masterpiece is the first one made in perforated aluminium and was created in its entirety by the artist and his team in Belgium.

Arne Quinze gets inspired by his own wildflower garden all year round. The winter garden is as powerful as the summer. The plants change gradually through the seasons. This process of growing flowers is a dynamism for Quinze that cannot be equalled.

In the same way as blossoming flowers, Arne Quinze allows his work to thrive and spread. The artist’s mission is to bring the colours and the importance of nature back into the monochrome cities of today and above all to plant the necessity of nature in people's minds.
Like nature, the Lupine sculptures reveal a dichotomy that becomes a force of dialogue and inspiration.

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