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public wooden installation — Knokke, Belgium


‘Dune’ is a waving wooden construction located near the underground car park of Residence Katelijne at the Coastal Avenue in Knokke-Heist. This way, the installation has a semi-public function and is perfectly in line with Arne Quinze’s vision of collaborating with companies in creating a public life in which experiencing art can also be considered as being quite ordinary.

During his search to provide the entrance of the residency’s car park with more prestige, building contractor and real-estate investor
Ghelamco Group was quick to get in touch with Arne Quinze. He designed ‘Dune’, a wooden construction in fluorescent orange-red and introduced the waving movement in the dunes right into his creation. Just like the dunes constantly change due to the weather and the winds, ‘Dune’ changes from every different
angle. The sharp colours of ‘Dune’ fit in with the astonishment and curiosity that is generated by the installation. The illuminated installation starts at the street side and accompanies the cars and pedestrians across a stretch of 38 metres.

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