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Two Wildflower Fields paintings

​Malus Angustifolia & Malus Loensis

"Do you have wildflowers in your garden?” This is the question that might come to mind when looking at these paintings. Arne Quinze wants people to think about how our living environment is arranged. Not only by our government in public spaces, but also by each individual in their own garden. Your garden may be microscopically small to contribute to a biodiverse world, but for the bees and insects, every little bit counts. We must give nature the chance to be wild and to show its true power. Create your own colourful, magical secret garden, and be amazed every day!

Malus Angustifolia, a Wildflower Fields painting, 140x90 cm, oil on canvas, 2021

Malus Loensis, a Wildflower Fields painting, 140x90 cm, oil on canvas, 2021

Wildflower Fields

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Wildflower Fields painting

Lotus Corniculatus

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Last chance to see

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