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Lupine sculpture — Studio, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium


Lupines are told to be good companions for vegetables in your garden as they fertilise the soil with nitrogen. Nature has designed ecosystems with such sophisticated perfection, we could only learn from it. Where farmers are fighting nature with monoculture, Lupines have stopped growing. Arne Quinze thinks nature should be our ally. It's all about finding and staying in balance among numerous diverse entities. That's why the lupine became object of his study and inspired him for the creation of this sculpture, the 'Hokkaido Lupine'.

Wildflower Field Paintings

Oil paint — Black, Purple, Red

Oil paint on canvas with solid oak frame The glowing reds, rose, orange, and yellows we see at...

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Drawings, thoughts, sculptures and paintings

Arne Quinze news Vol. 1 / 2020

The Amazonia Edition

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My Secret Garden


Sculpture made for the exhibition 'My Secret Garden — Valencia', commissioned by Enrique Vidal...

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