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Financial District, London

Lupine Flower, a permanent sculpture

This permanent sculpture refers to Quinze’s deep and enduring connection with the Wild Lupine Flower, an exceptionally vibrant and vigorous wildflower, often encountered by the artist during his many travels. The lupine flower, vulnerable to the impacts of monoculture, thrives in polycultural environments yet withers in the presence of monocropping. Hence, this diversity-desiring species has become Quinze’s signature and his ally in the pursuit for a more diverse society.

Lupine Flower is created for Brookfield Properties and will be permanently on view at the 16-floor office building on 30 Fenchurch Street. Sharing a similar vision as Quinze on the social importance and unifying power of contemporary art in the public space, Brookfield Properties is installing Lupine Flower in only a few minutes away from the Fulcrum sculpture, The Fourth Plinth and The Gilbert & George Centre, offering a space for dialogue and exploration to all passers-by. 

Arne Quinze's conviction lies in the idea that the principles of diversity observed in nature should be extended to our urban environments. The artist is questioning our position as humans on this planet as we continue to alienate ourselves from nature. In an attempt to restore the lost balance with our earthly roots, the artist depicts nature’s exceptional strength and beautiful fragility, inspiring us to become earthlings again.

Come and see the Lupine Flower at 30 Fenchurch St. in London. 

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