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Puerto Banús, Marbella, Spain

My Secret Garden Puerto Banús

Arne Quinze installed six sculptures in Puerto Banus, a private port in Marbella.This temporary exhibition was realised in cooperation with Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Valencia) and can be admired until 16 January 2022.

Observing and studying nature, like the naturalists of the Humboldt era and understanding its workings in which everything is connected in perfect unity, balance and harmony, is what Arne Quinze inspires and shows with his art. Recovering that vision, connecting with nature through his works, which contain power and fragility at the same time, made of materials such as aluminum whose rigidity he molds with great mastery, the artist ends up achieving light and delicate works that represent nature in its state pure.

Quinze intertwines shapes with metal, a material that bends and welds, pierces, marks and deforms, turning a hard component into ductile and acquiring the properties and shapes of leaves and petals. He is a master at balancing vertical thrusts with horizontal and curvilinear ones, establishing a formal harmony, with which he achieves concentrated compositions, with a great wealth of forms that ends up representing uniqueness and volume.

These surfaces act as canvases on which Arne Quinze paints with his own hands, impregnating them with life, through the forms and the great use of color that he has. Thus was born a work, whose message is of conservation and preservation of our natural spaces, claiming art as a means to raise awareness in all of us, that we live increasingly disconnected from the nature on which we depend. In his words "We need to think and to bring out the feeling of conserving what we have"

In the same way, with his art he wants to turn cities into open-air museums, public spaces as a stage where to expose this message of conservation and bring art closer to the general public beyond the closed spaces that are museums.

Thus, Quinze exposes the contrast between the diversity of nature and the monotony that invades our often gray cities. Through his works, the artist appeals to the viewer to protect, or at least appreciate, what nature has to offer. The most successful cities of the future will be those that perfectly intertwine culture and nature. By placing his works of art in cities, Arne Quinze is initiating a dialogue about this vital balance.

He always looks at nature and all its states and areas. From the inertness of stones to the simplest of flowers, everything is inspiration, shapes and colors that can be perceived beyond the senses ... inviting reflection in order to achieve the transformation of a world that must recover and return to its origins . As he says "We all have a secret garden" within us.

And so his work was born, from his encounters with nature My Secret Garden arises, where forms contain emptiness and time, compositions that connect us with it, which endows with energy and spirit, sculptures that are part of a whole , with messages through the force of the form, entering into harmony as a "living body" in the architectures. - Miriam Atienza, opening speech My Secret Garden Puerto Banus.

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