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Perseids, a Wildflower Fields painting

Quinze captures the complex relationship between strength and vulnerability, the very dynamics that have birthed the amazing diversity we see around us. The artist often views himself as an archivist, responsible for preserving this diversity. With many species nearing extinction from expanding monocultures, his goal is to document their essence for future generations.

Perseids, a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze, 160 x 158 cm, oil paint on canvas.

Public sculpture

The Beautiful Dreamer

The first permanent and public installation in France of internationally acclaimed artist Arne...

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Inspired by the beauty of decay

Titan Arum — Mono No Aware

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Arne Quinze, Guest Of Honour at BRAFA '22

Arne Quinze as Guest of Honour at BRAFA '22 19-26 June at Brussels Expo - Heysel

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