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Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Rehsonia, a Wildflower Fields painting

In the garden surrounding the house of Arne Quinze, over 80 000 wildflowers are planted which offer a nutritious feast for bees, butterflies and other frolicking insects. For the artist, nature and more particularly, his wildflower garden, is his ultimate laboratory in which he can wander for hours. The interaction between the withering and the blooming of the flowers is a scene that endlessly fascinates the artist. He observes the spring breeze gently swaying the pedals of the flowers as if they invite the viewer to take in their beauty and complexity. This blissful sensation of the strength and fragility of nature is what Arne Quinze aims to convey in this painting. The work exposes the beauty and great diversity of his wildflower garden.

Rehsonia, a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze, 140 x 90 cm, oil paint on canvas.

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