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Two Wildflower Fields paintings — Atelier, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Rhinanthus and Rhoeas Poppy

Inspired not only by the moment, but by the flowering gloss of his wildflowers around the house too, Arne Quinze has been painting many evenings and nights. As the virus seems to have lost some of its severeness, the time has come to enjoy the sunsets and Summer nights with family and some friends again.

Wildflower Fields paintings

Wildflower Vase

This giant canvas is one of the most important paintings of Arne Quinze's Wildflower Fields...

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Wildflower Fields painting

Lotus Corniculatus

Lotus Corniculatus or bird's-foot trefoil is a common yellow flowering plant, native to large...

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Wildflower Field Paintings

Oil paint — Black, Purple, Red

Oil paint on canvas with solid oak frame The glowing reds, rose, orange, and yellows we see at...

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