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Arne Quinze's inspiration: his wildflower garden

Take a walk in the diverse and colorful wildflower garden of Arne Quinze’s studio: the inspiration to all his work. Hoping to inspire you and striving to restore the lost harmony between humanity and nature, Quinze creates artworks showcasing the unexpected beauty found in his garden.

Continuation on the exploration of the Lupine sculptures

The Lupine Studies PART II

A wall filled with sketches at Arne Quinze's atelier, illustrating his intense search for the...

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Creation process

How I assemble the cones of the Lupine

A step in the creation process of a Lupine sculpture. During this process you can see an amazing...

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Metal studies

James And Me

Over the past few months, Arne Quinze has been working on new works inspired by Belgian painter...

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