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A chromatic metal work for Frieze

Colourising a Lupine Tower sculpture — Part 2

"I approach the painting of my sculptures in the same way as I paint my canvases. It’s an ongoing process of depicting the fragile and powerful evolution that we see in nature. I want to express that unbridled force as naturally as possible."

At the steel workshop

Concentrating the power of nature onto these pieces of metal

Arne Quinze is creating a new Mono No Aware sculpture with his team. A look inside the steel...

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Surrounded by nature

Behind The Scenes

Walking through Arne Quinze’s house and studio is an overwhelming experience of discovering art,...

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Building a new sculpture in Paris

Le Beau Rêveur B/W

We are at the construction site of ‘The Beautiful Dreamer’ in Porte de Versailles, Paris....

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