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The bees in Arne Quinze's wildflower garden

The beehives in Arne Quinze's wildflower garden got inspected and prepared for the upcoming summer. In this way, the bees can fully enjoy and harvest the nutritious wildflowers and hopefully, expand their colony. Consequently, the bee population in the neighbourhood will increase. Allow the flowers in your garden to bloom and support these incredible insects.

Interview about the sculpture exhibition in Valencia

A dialogue between Miriam Atienza and Arne Quinze

Miriam Atienza, Director of the City of Arts & Sciences Museum, and Arne Quinze have a talk about...

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From sketch to sculpture

Strelitzia step by step

Strelitzia flowers stand out in both expressive form ànd expressive colour. Having such a spiky...

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Behind the scenes of the metalworking studio

The creation of Mono No Aware

Over the past few days, Arne Quinze has hidden himself again in the metalworking studio to...

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