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Ipomoea paintings by Arne Quinze

Strouk Gallery, Paris

Awakening exhibition at Strouk Gallery in Paris


Exhibition on the awakening of nature and the body.

A proposal by Martin Kiefer, curator of the exhibition.

“AWAKENING – that of nature and bodies: this is what this exhibition focuses on, acting thus like an ode to beauty in all its manifold forms. Through their work, twenty artists coming from diverse backgrounds and different generations all underline our capability of withstanding the major crises we are living through. Furthermore, they advocate for the necessity to respond to adversity with an ever so sharpened sense of creativity, imagination, as well as optimism, which have proven to be more necessary than ever. Forcefully isolated in the past years, we have been lead to undergo a personal intimate journey; a reflective yet also oppressive one, compelling us to find new forms of freedom, beauty and eroticism. This turning point may feel no less like some genuine kind of spring. Within this quest for renewal we all strive for, AWAKENING means to propose a panoramic view on this spring. Most of the featured works were created specifically for this group show. Starting from their point of unison, they point to distinct directions I cared to highlight.

Some artists celebrate the beauty of flora and fauna, the splendor of colors and vegetation reclaiming mineral ground, essentially showing the “rebirth of nature”.

Others manifest their activist vein with what could be called “neologisms of the nature”, inventing new forms of life that artistically contribute to enrich our planet’s biodiversity.

In such moments of societal hiatuses and anxiety, we tend to find back to ourselves and center our attention on our bodies. These may awaken in an act of our bonding with the intimate–a “awakening of the body”, unveiling new horizons and pleasure we would not have been able to imagine before.

The exhibition AWAKENING endeavors to gather these feelings and affects under the prism of the shown artworks, as well as to serve as a guide to live in a better world. I do think that the concept of awakening is no less than a prosperous path to think about the present and the possibility of rebirth through artistic creation.”

Artists : Sergey Bratkov (Ukrainian), Cadu (Brazil), Laurent Champoussin (France), Miguel Chevalier (France and Mexico), Robert Combas (France), Thomas Fougeirol (France), Franz Gertsch (Switzerland), Mireille Gros (Switzerland), François Halard (France), Eva Jospin (France), Roni Landa (Israel), Sergey Melnitchenko (Ukrainian), Ursula Palla (Switzerland), Richard Peduzzi (France), Antoinette Poisson (France), Arne Quinze (Belgium), Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger (Switzerland), Rayyane Tabet (Lebanon), Eloise van der Heyden (France & USA), Agnes Waruguru (Kenya), Nives Widauer (Switzerland).

Ipomoea series by Arne Quinze

The wildflower garden of Arne Quinze is, according to him, a perfect example of balance and harmony. Every living thing has its place and purpose, and when we observe nature, we can see the perfect harmony of it all. From the smallest flower to the largest plant, nature works together in a delicate balance, allowing all species to coexist peacefully. Even in the face of destruction and change, nature's harmony prevails. We can learn a lot from the harmony of nature, and it can be a source of comfort and solace in times of trouble.

Quinze's signature style of art often features large-scale paintings that are wild and chaotic, yet still exquisitely balanced and harmonious. His house is a perfect example of this, as he has allowed nature to take over and the plants to find their own way up and across the walls. This results in a mesmerizing and ever-changing view from his windows and an impressive structure that transcends the boundaries between nature and man-made. The snapshots and feelings that he is experiencing from his window were beautifully conveyed in his Ipomoea series.

Arne Quinze’s work is often characterized by intense colors, textures, and patterns that reflect his admiration of nature and the energy and force it brings. Through his art, Quinze seeks to share his passion for the organic and colourful environment, instilling a sense of awe and wonder in viewers.

The four Ipomoea paintings will be on view from 17 March to 29 April at the group exhibition Awakening at Strouk Gallery in Paris; curated by Martin Kiefer.

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