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Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Six Chroma Lupine sculptures in Dubai

A series of six Chroma Lupine sculptures by Arne Quinze, showing the power and diversity of nature in a unique visual way. On view at The Foundry in Downtown Dubai.

Chroma Lupines, a series of 6 sculptures, is the result of the artist’s research into the beauty of nature from the observation that we, as a society, have lost touch with nature and we have ended up in a hyper artificial society. With his work the artist tries to restore the balance between nature and society by showing the power and diversity of nature with a uniquely rough yet fragile visual language.

The very pronounced rough character of these sculptures, which Quinze obtained by sculpting with an excavator, shows the immense power that nature displays throughout its evolutionary growth. In addition, nature always succeeds in displaying its beauty in a stunning visual way, that in turn underlies the almost fragile paper-folded property of the sculptures.

For the creation of this artwork, the artist found an ally in the Lupine. A historically wild flower that grows luxuriantly in nature but stops growing where monocropping begins.

With Chroma Lupines, the artist wants to encourage us to question our current mineral society and give place once again to the wonderful added value that nature can bring to us.


Aluminium, color etching

580 x 210 x 245 cm



Aluminium, color etching

600 x 218 x 245 cm



Aluminium, color etching

680 x 215 x 270 cm



Aluminium, color etching

600 x 220 x 280 cm


Aluminium, color etching

580 x 210 x 220 cm 


Aluminium, color etching

514 x 280 x 290 cm 

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