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Sculpture exhibition docu film — Valencia, Spain

In dialogue with Calatrava

"Since the Industrial Revolution, we humans have managed to cover a big part of our planet with concrete. We built very monotonous cities and we've never been as far from nature as we are today". Discover Arne Quinze's vision of the art sculptures - or flowers - he planted in Valencia and their idealist purpose in this documentary film. A short docu about the artist's inspiration, and philosophy driving this art project to creation in 2019. An intensified and fresh vigour in Arne Quinze's art.

With special thanks to Maruani Mercier Gallery, Cris Gabarrón and Juan Garcia Sandoval of the Gabarron Foundation, Enrique Vidal, General Manager, and Miriam Atienza, Contents Director of the City Of Arts & Sciences museum and François Fornieri, private collector.

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