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overview exhibition — Beaux-Arts Museum, Mons

My Secret Garden

We are very delighted to invite you all to the first major overview exhibition of Arne Quinze in Belgium. The exhibition 'My Secret Garden' starting 29 May until 29 August will be held at the Beaux-Arts museum in Mons (BAM) , where you will be immersed in the world of the artist and this from the early beginning of his career. Arne Quinze's inspiration, atelier and oeuvre will be displayed in eight rooms, an adapted garden and a series of sculptures in the city centre of Mons.

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Enjoy the season of flowers and see you at ‘My Secret Garden’.

The Disenchanted city room

The Flowers of desire room 

The Inhabiting the world room

The Atelier room

The Water lilies room

The Wild Flower Fields room 

The Immersive room

Paper model

Art Pavilion / Sculpture

This art pavilion model draws inspiration from both nature and culture. Arabic, man-made textures...

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The Fisherman’s Stilt House

Arte Sella Sculpture

Culture versus Nature Culture can be seen as the framework that follows nature in all its...

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a Wildflower Field's painting

Gentiana Blue

The structural beauty of seed stalks and growing foliage become more apparent from April onwards....

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