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Arne Quinze and Martina Kaiser invite you — Cologne, Germany

My Secret Garden — Martina Kaiser Cologne Contemporary Art

You are kindly invited to Martina Kaiser Gallery, Cologne. The exhibition “My Secret Garden” will officially open its doors on Friday the 4th of September, focusing on the artist’s passionate discourse with nature that forms both the concentrate and the increase of his famous correspondent series which covers projects all over the world. In Cologne, Arne Quinze will present paintings (oil on canvas), both large and medium format, which reflect his visions of strelizia, lupins and wild roses in their wild, totally untamed entity. By hyping the flowers’ colours, slightly dissolving their forms and adding strong contrast the artist transforms his flowers into auratic, yet mysterious creatures and hereby establishes a new artistic concept of botanical life. The show will also include selected sculptures and ethereal studies and drawings.

The whole “My Secret Garden” series of Arne Quinze is based on his high biological skills about the becoming and the function of flowers and their growing in the wild. By means of the artistic gesture Quinze directs his floral beings towards their final goal: to let us seize their beauty and their pertinence in a global context. Installing nature in the white cube as well as in public spaces Arne Quinze is aiming to create an interactive dialogue about urbanization, diversity and social responsibility. Nature here is politicized with the means of pure aesthetics.


We are looking forward to your reservation and your visit.

*Compulsary wearing of masks and safety distance 


The exhibition is part of DC-Open Galleries 2020 program. Introduction by Yorca Schmidt-Junker

Special opening hours during DC-Open Galleries:
Friday, September, 4th 2020 from 11 am - 10 pm
Saturday, September, 5th 2020 from 11 am - 8 pm
Sunday, September, 6th 2020 from 11 am - 6 pm 

Arne Quinze lives near Ghent/Belgium and carries out projects all over the world. His gigantic sculptures for the public space can be found at many exposed locations such as the Flemish Parliament/Brussels, Porte de Versailles/Paris and the Statue of Liberty/New York. For his highly acclaimed installations he often collaborates with renowned cultural institutions and enterprises like LVMH, Frieze Sculpture Park and Belfius Art Collections. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art/Copenhagen, MAMAC/Nice, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Saatchi Gallery and Phillips de Pury already dedicated grand solo-exhibitions to him. His works are presented at art fairs worldwide and are part of many private and corporate collections.

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