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Private metal installation — Phuket, Thailand

Natural Chaos — Wall

Arne Quinze: a vision for BB Phuket
With his contribution to BB Phuket, Arne Quinze aspires to capture the true, natural beauty of the venue. In order to minimize the impact of the project on the unspoiled surrounding scenery and even benefit from it, Quinze’s installation will function as a catalyst, reintegrating the architecture with its surroundings and restoring natures reign. Serving as a bridge between nature and architecture Arne Quinze’s vertical façade will be called the “Natural Chaos Walls”.

Natural Chaos Walls
Arne Quinze sets out to create a metamorphosing façade concept, using both organic (fauna, flora) and technological (stained glass, metal, light, etc.) materials. The Natural Chaos Walls aim to submerge the visitor in the unspoiled beauty of Phuket’s East Coast, through a magical synthesis of nature and culture, wholeness and placidity.
Following the natural cycle of day and night, the installation will organically address each moment in time, resulting in a fresh experience with every new encounter.

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