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Its feminine elegance challenges Donald Trumps insults towards women — Potomac Riverside, Washington D.C., USA

Scarlet Natural Chaos

Scarlet is an ode to nature, as well to femininity: its beauty, diversity, gratitude, and power. Arne Quinze battles Trump's tyrannical and humiliating patriarchy with a very feminine installation in Washington D.C., close to the White House. The diversity of colour and shape in this sculpture also challenges Donald Trump and his aggressive position about protecting nature. The name 'Scarlet' was not chosen randomly, as it is a species of oak tree with a reddish pink canopy in Autumn.

Scarlet is the artist’s indictment of human carelessness. Our contemporary societies create grim living conditions in monotone cities, and modern culture has lost its connection with nature, much to its detriment. This disconnection also comes at the cost of serious environmental repercussions. Donald Trump and the White House symbolise, or even

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