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Arne Quinze's new narrative: Are We The Aliens_

Are We The Aliens_?

Arne Quinze is questioning our position as humans on this planet as we continue to alienate ourselves from nature. In an attempt to restore the lost balance with our earthly roots, the artist depicts its cosmic beauty and exceptional diversity, inspiring us to become earthlings again.

The creative process of imaging a sculpture

The Lupine Studies, by Arne Quinze

See how Arne Quinze's sculpture comes to life in his studio after many studies and versions. This...

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Welcome to Antwerp

How a massive Lupine Tower budded in the garden of an art collector

After numerous sketches and studies with paint in the studio, after shaping the flower calyxes,...

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Sculptures exhibition travels from Valencia to Alicante

Preparing for My Secret Garden — Alicante

My Secret Garden's first presentation was in Valencia. In the City Of Arts & Sciences, a...

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