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Sculptures that will enter a dialogue with Calatrava

Preparing for Valencia

After many new installations and exhibitions globally during 2018, 2019 will again be extremely busy for Arne Quinze. Three major openings are scheduled for February: an open-air sculpture exhibition in Valencia, an exhibition in Gstaad in Switzerland, and an exhibition in Brussels.

The City of Arts & Sciences site in Valencia, for example, receives 2 million visitors annually. This means that almost 5,500 people walk past the sculptures on the Paseo del Arte every day. This architectural and cultural complex is one of the 12 “treasures of Spain”, was designed by Santiago Calatrava, and opened to the general public in 1998. It is without any doubt the biggest tourist attraction in Valencia and far beyond. Arne Quinze is one of the few artists in the world lucky enough to have been given the honour of exhibiting at this exceptional location. Have a look at the sculptures he's preparing for this occasion.

Welding the bended and crumbled steel parts together

Planning and building Matarazzo

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Outdoor sculpture

Building up My Home My House My Stilthouse

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Colouring a Stilthouse

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